Pezzettino triste

Ieri sera
tutto un traffico di sogni…
Mi sono sognato
che sognavo
che ti sei sognata
che ti sognavi
di sognare me.
Che bella balla
che è il mondo.

Giovanni Previdi - Due fettine di salame, poesie.

Writing for 50 years without publishing

Matt Salinger: ‘My father was writing for 50 years without publishing. That’s a lot of material’

What becomes clear is that he has been immersed in his father’s material for years – pages typed on Underwood and Royal typewriters, as well as what Salinger called “his squibs, or his fragments” on ordinary paper cut into eighths: “a lot of handwritten, very small notes”. When he began work in 2011, Matt never expected it would take eight years.

A lot of handwritten, very small notes, music to the ears of an analog writer like me.


Questa ultima domenica, ma come ogni giorno del resto, mi sono svegliato sul presto.

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